Muki is an offshoot/byproduct of a project I designed and built for a local community center a couple of years ago. The project included a modular cardboard furniture system that was used for play and to create a sitting area.  As part of this project I included 5 cardboard dogs of different breads, one of them was Muki. The first Muki was a lovely mix bread with a long tail made of cardboard and yellow tape - I call him Muki classic. The first Mukis were made of corrugated cardboard with a grid inside for strength. They were very strong but took time and expertise to assemble.


Next, I developed a kit that is very easy and quick to assemble, so people everywhere could build their own Muki without the need of my expertise.  

It took some time (3 kids slow things down a bit), and some help from Boaz the brilliant industrial engineer, until one day... it happened, I had the answer.

I'vce switched from corrugated cardboard to honeycomb material. That allowed me to get more strength using less material. I also changed the assembly method to slot connections which is easy, quick and fun to do. 
Now, putting Muki together is a little bit like magic.